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If you are considering buying a Waterfront Home in Southwest Florida there are some things you should consider.  Not all water is created equal.  In areas such as Englewood, Port Charlotte, Cape Haze, Placida, Rotonda WestBoca Grande, there are different types of waterfront properties for sale.  Some people just want to be on the water for the view and ambience it provides, others want access to bigger water like the Gulf of Mexico, Myakka River, Placida Harbor, Lemon Bay which is the Intracoastal Waterway.

Boca Grande Florida
Waterfront homes Southwest Florida

Depending on how you plan to use the waterways will determine where you should purchase a home.  If you are planning on boating what type of boating will you be doing?  If you have a large boat then you will want a deeper canal, sailboat then you will want Gulf access with no bridges, often referred to as “Sailboat Water”.  You will find the homes in Englewood, Port Charlotte, South Gulf Cove, Cape Haze, Placida, Boca Grande, Little Gasparilla and Palm Island Florida offer Sailboat Water as well as Powerboat Water.

Some of the canal front homes offer “Powerboat Water”, which simply means that you have 1 or more bridges to go under so they will not accommodate sailboats.  This is fine for most people and the bridges in this area offer clearance enough for smaller and larger boats.  The next thing you need to consider is where you want to boat at, time to open water then needs to be considered.  Depending on where you are at will determine the time to open water as canals have speed restrictions.  In other words if the canal is “minimum wake” then you must pass through and create a minimum wake.

South Gulf Cove Port Charlotte FL
Waterfront Homes South Gulf Cove Port Charlotte FL

For example in the Waterfront Community of South Gulf Cove all the canals are minimum wake until you reach “Open Water”, this is called the Interceptor Waterway.    Once you reach the Interceptor you can get on plane and go at a safe speed.  There are 55 miles of Gulf Access canals in South Gulf Cove and it contains 1/3 of all the Gulf Access canals in Charlotte county.  Many of the homes for sale are less than 10 minutes to open water and some are further.  If you plan on leaving South Gulf Cove and head to Charlotte Harbor or the Gulf of Mexico on a regular basis then you will want a waterfront home with quick access to the Interceptor, often referred to as the “Lagoon” by residents and locals.  If you are just wanting easy boating and enjoying the water then you may not need quick access and time to open water may not be as important to you.  Keep in mind that time to open water will play a part in the price of a home.  Homes with quick access obviously sell for more money.

Waterfront homes in Rotonda West Florida
Waterfront homes in Rotonda West Florida

There are many communities in this area that offer waterfront homes on a lake, pond or canal that are less expensive than homes with Gulf Access.  Rotonda West for example has a freshwater canal that runs around the perimeter of the community but does not have gulf access.  Kayaks, canoes and boats with small engines are allowed but all canals are minimum or no wake.

As you can see there is a wide variety of choices when considering purchasing a waterfront home in Southwest Florida.  We specialize in waterfront homes, know the water well and are happy to answer any and all questions you may have.  Please feel free to contact us anytime.

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