In’s and Out’s of Buying a Waterfront Home in Florida

Looking to buy a waterfront home in Southwest Florida?  There are some things that you should take into consideration that are not common knowledge and many people do not think about.

Want to be on the best water with the best view?  Keep in  mind that in many Florida coastal destinations, the best locations were developed years ago.  (Stay with me here – in a minute I am going to share with you the area in Florida that is the exception to this rule.)  If it is the best location today, then it was also the best location 60+ years ago.  What this means to you is that if you want to be on a prime waterfront location then there is a real good chance that the home on it was built in that era.

Is this a deal breaker?  Not necessarily, but there are a few variables.  First, does the prime location mean more to you than having a newer home?  If the answer is yes, then you are fine.  Hopefully there has been some updating done on the home over the years or it has good enough bones so you can bring it up to your standards. Sometimes it makes more sense to tear down the existing structure and replace it with a new home that is up to the current required elevation and building code.  Keep in mind that until 1975 there were no FEMA Flood maps so homes may not have been built to a high enough elevation to not be at risk of flooding, nor were building codes up to the standard’s they are today.  These are all factors to be weighed when deciding what works best with your plans, budget and lifestyle and we can help you with that so there are no surprises.

If the answer is no, then you have 2 options.  One; find a location that may not be so prime in one of these developed locations or find an area that is just now being discovered like the Cape Haze Peninsula area.

So, as promised – the exception to the rule and the best buy on waterfront real estate is the Cape Haze Peninsula and the area’s barrier islands.

The Cape Haze, Placida, Englewood areas of Florida has been a best kept secret for many years.  It has all the conveniences of other areas – beautiful beaches, shopping, medical facilities, churches, golf courses, marinas and more, but has still remained undeveloped enough to still provide what has passed in so many other areas – waterfront opportunities.

There are beachfront, bay front and saltwater canal opportunities like no other area in southwest Florida.  We have 2 barrier islands that are accessible by bridge, 1 accessible by ferry and another that is only accessible by boat or water taxi.  To say this area has something for everyone that loves the water and natural surroundings is an understatement.  It is the beauty of Florida at it’s best!  Icing on the cake, it also offers the best prices.

When working with less of a budget and a newer, bigger home means more to you than open views or blue water, but you still want Gulf access, South Gulf Cove & Gulf Cove offer Gulf access waterfront homes starting the high $200’s.  There are newer existing homes here to choose from or, if you decide to build, there are custom builders that can build your dream home.  There are many choices of available waterfront Gulf access homesites.

Whatever your choice may be, buying a waterfront home in Southwest Florida is a great investment.  There have been some up’s and down’s, but waterfront homes in Florida will always be in demand and the prime properties are moving fast and prices are going up.  If you have ever dreamed of having your “Waterfront Oasis” in Southwest Florida, now is a good time to do it.

We specialize in waterfront properties and can find you the perfect match for what you regardless of your lifestyle and/or budget.  Please feel free to contact us and let us know what you are looking for in a waterfront dream home and we will help you make it happen.  We are waterfront property experts and can find you the perfect match for what you want in the price range you want to be in.

Please feel free to contact us and let us know what you are looking for in a waterfront dream home and we will make it happen.  If you enjoyed this article please give it the “Thumbs Up” and subscribe to our blog.  Remember to like us on Facebook.  As always we appreciate your interest and business.

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