David and Maureen Gillhouse

Dear Kelly and Bob,

Maureen and I appreciate the outstanding service you provided in helping us acquire our Florida dream home. Your knowledge, professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction are exemplary. We wanted to give something back to you, so here are our thoughts. Please feel free to use them if they would be of any benefit to you.

We considered different locations in Florida. The Davies Web site helped us identify potential properties of interest in the Venice-Englewood area. Once Bob had a better idea of what we were looking for, he set up a personal Web page with houses that he thought provided excellent value.

Kelly handled the home visits. She was extremely knowledgeable and personable. Kelly put together a very professional package with information on each house that we were visiting. She had pulled comp data for each residence and was able to provide valuable market insight for these properties. By the end of the tour, we felt we had established a close business relationship and friendship with Kelly.

We ended up purchasing a beautiful home in the Boca Royale community. Since we live in Chicago, Kelly and Bob handled many detail activities that we would normally would have. The quality of the services they provided, and their attention to detail, were exceptional.

We highly recommend Bob and Kelly as real estate agents and friends. They can share our contact information if you would like to call us to discuss our experience.

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